New Warzone Loadout Drop Glitch Duplicates Weapons

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Season 4 of Warzone is in full swing and as Raven Software does its best to keep on top of any unintentional bugs and glitches, players have managed to discover a bizarre issue involving the battle royale's Loadout Drops.

Throughout the most recent season, there have several issues surrounding game-breaking bugs which have often infuriated players during recent months. This particular issue prevents players from accessing their loadouts from a Loadout Drop, While one player is able to get their loadouts, others are unable to get their hands on a loadout of their own.


Here's everything we know about the unintended Loadout Drop exploit and when a fix may be applied to the battle royale.

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Warzone Season 4 Loadout Drop Exploit

Warzone Season 3 Loadout Drop Exploit

The glitch is one of several problems that has emerged in recent weeks, much to the annoyance of the community that is beginning to grow tired of glitches and exploits ruining the Warzone experience. One player was left bemused by the bizarre issue as their loadout was duplicated several times over.

Having watched the duplications spawn into the game in front of their very eyes, one Reddit user jokingly questioned what loadout they were using. "What's your loadout? The Grau, Grau, Grau, Grau, Grau, Grau, Grau, Grau, Grau, Grau, Grau, Grau, Grau, Grau, Grau, Grau, Grau, Grau, Grau…”

Although having access to a number of the same loadout sounds like a positive, it can be annoying for those that play the game with a specific style such as utilising a mobile SMG for maximum impact. Once the loadouts have appeared, other players that have yet to obtain their loadout cannot access their loadout, which can be a hinderance.


This isn't the first time that a Loadout Drop glitch has impacted Warzone. During Season 3, a similar issue that enabled players to drop eight of the same loadout from a single Loadout Drop drastically impacted players during a match before Raven Software managed to apply a fix for the issue.

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When Will It Be Fixed?

Raven Software has yet to acknowledge this particular Loadout Drop issue but as more and more players encounter the exploit, it's likely that the developer will be working on some kind of fix.


An exact date for when a fix will go live has yet to be announced but we can expect it to be soon given the impact it has on arguably one of the most important elements of Warzone.