Rebirth Island Docks Easter Egg Leaves Warzone Players Confused

Easter Eggs within Warzone aren't anything new. The Season 2 Reloaded update for the battle royale included widespread changes to the Rebirth Island map in addition to the start of the Rebirth Reinforced event.

As players work their way through the community challenges to unlock Weapon Trade Stations and Communications Towers, many are discovering hidden secrets within the new points of interest (POI).

Players were quick to discover an all-new Easter Egg at the Docks POI, leaving many players confused by its steps. Thankfully, some have solved the mystery and the reward is certainly worth it.

Warzone Rebirth Island Docks Easter Egg
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Warzone Rebirth Island Docks Easter Egg

The Docks are one of two brand-new POIs that have appeared on the island. Players climbed aboard the boat before using the ship's horn. Little did they know, it's part of the Easter Egg process. After being left confused by its purpose, some members of the community managed to press it enough to get their hands on a supply crate full of high-tier loot, making it an Easter Egg that's definitely worth completing.

How to Complete The Rebirth Island Docks Easter Egg

With all of the steps uncovered, it's a surprisingly simple Easter Egg to complete. Find out how to earn the supply crate by following the simple steps below:

  1. Make your way to the Dock POI.
  2. Climb aboard the boat.
  3. Advance up the stairs and into the control room.
  4. Use the ship computer to activate the horn.
  5. Press the horn between one and five times.

Once you've pressed the horn enough, a supply crate will drop in the centre of the boat. The crate contains a wealth of rewards including Armour Satchels, Killstreaks, and other high-tier loot that will allow you to make an impact during a match.

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