Girlfriend of Warzone Player Makes Real-life Loadout Drop

Call of Duty and romantic gestures are two things that rarely pair together. On many occasions, viral trends put gamers and love against each other but there are times when differences are set aside.

As Season 3 of Warzone progresses and attention begins to turn towards the start of Operation Monarch, the girlfriend of one player is embracing their partner's love of the game.

Rather than dismissing the player's passion for Warzone, the girlfriend has made a replica of a Loadout Drop packed with their favourite snacks inside.

Girlfriend Makes Warzone Player A Loadout Drop

Reddit user "edjwize" shares the Loadout Drop in a post and as expected, several members of the community think the act of love is worthy of a wedding ring. The drop contains plenty of the user's favourite snacks as they prepare for exams.

"She deserves a legendary attachment," says one commenter while others take a more direct approach and tell the player to "put a ring on it." One fan of the Loadout Drop even went as far as changing the Warzone victory speech. "Let's get you to the jeweller, Soldier! You've got a date with the wedding."

It's not just the girlfriends of Warzone players that are embracing the passions of their partners. The girlfriend of a League of Legends fan also took to Reddit to understand various aspects of the game in a bid to take an interest in what their boyfriend was playing.

Warzone Loadout Drop Snacks
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Credit: Activision

While some commenters were left confused by edjwize mentioning "finals szn," the user explains that the Loadout Drop full of snacks is for their studies rather than competing in Warzone tournaments. Creating a Loadout Drop with numerous treats is the perfect treat for the Warzone player in your life.

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