Reddit Advises User on How to Bond With League of Legends Boyfriend

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Artwork of Ashe, a champion in League of Legends.

In any relationship, there are bound to be interests that you and your partner simply don’t share. For example, maybe one of you is really into League of Legends and the other can barely tell a Teemo from a Trundle.

Well, in the case of one couple divided by one member’s love of League, Reddit has stepped up to offer some possible answers to help user flamedglove support the interests of their boyfriend a little better.

“He's been playing for a while, and (from what I can tell) he's pretty good at it(..?). He talks about bot and jungles and.. ezreal? And lots of other stuff I don't get,”, said flamedglove in their post, continuing: “but I want to be able to support him in his interests just like he listens to me talk about mine.”

How to Bond With a League of Legends Boyfriend

They finished the post by asking: “What's some basic information or funny things or just good knowledge to have about the game?”

Reception to this plea for aid came in many forms, with some users like __v1ce taking a slightly sarcastic route by advising “If he tells you something positive like ‘I ranked up’ or ‘I had a really good game’. Then say ‘Oh wow, sounds like you're turbosmurfing in pisslow’. Thats what I'd like to hear from a gf.”

This prompted a response of “‘turbosmurfing’ sounds absolutely horrible, thank you for this information” from flamedglove, who might have found better advice elsewhere in the thread.

For example, from user HalexUwU, who earnestly replied: “Okay first, it's really really nice that you're trying to learn about his interests. Second, I'd suggest learning about the lore, or specifically: WATCH ARCANE.”

Other users also suggested going on a lore binge, such as Vlistorito, who said: “Find out what champion he plays and go to its subreddit. See what they complain about over there and repeat it to him. ‘Yes darling, Ezreal deserves to have his AP ratios back’.”

User TheExter pointed out that even this might not be necessary, saying: “just ask questions whenever he tells you something, anything basic like 'did you win?' or how the game went, you can show interest without having any knowledge, you just gotta ask about it and listen”.

Beyond this, several users simply commented vague memes about “junglers” and “jungle diff”, though user A_Stalking_Kohai took things seriously, dropping perhaps the largest League knowledge bomb in history halfway down the thread in the form of a very long post if you click onto the post.

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