Raven Software Reveals Warzone is "Broken"

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In addition to Activision unveiling a sequel to 2019's Modern Warfare and Warzone, developer Raven Software has admitted there are issues affecting the battle royale, confirming the opinions of players.

The developer revealed the news during an Activision press conference on February 10 ahead of Season 2 launching. Throughout Season 1, Warzone contained numerous bugs and glitches negatively impacting the game.

During the call, developers and Activision promised fixes for the game are coming, starting with the next drop of post-launch content arriving on February 14.

Raven Software Warzone Broken
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Is Warzone Broken?

The developers realised they had "f**ked stuff up" according to CharlieINTEL. The launch of Caldera in December 2021 saw the arrival of several issues ranging from invisible Operator Skins to players unable to see their guns after they disappear.

In addition to admitting the current state of the game is far from ideal, a February 11 blog post revealed "over 30 improvements" will arrive when Season 2 launches, much to the delight of the community.

Issues affecting movement and the notorious gas mask animation will disappear alongside fixes to Buy Station freezing and distorted graphics impacting the appearance of scenery and player models.

Will Warzone Pacific Get Fixed?

It's clear that Raven Software is aware of the mistakes that have impacted Warzone. With promises of the battle royale getting fixed, there's every chance Season 2 will act as a season of addressing several issues with Season 3 featuring another wave of brand-new content making the most of the improvements.

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