Bizarre Warzone Glitch Sends Players to Gulag at Random

It's fair to say that the launch of Warzone Pacific and the early stages of Season 1 have been far from smooth sailing. With numerous bugs and glitches negatively impacting Caldera and a range of texture issues rendering the game unplayable for some, players are beginning to grow tired despite Raven Software's best efforts to rectify the problems.

As part of the new era of Warzone, the Gulag has been remodelled and while some are transforming into planes having won their 1v1, other players are appearing in the arena despite staying alive during a match which is far from ideal.

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Warzone Pacific Gulag Teleport Bug

Warzone Pacific Gulag Teleport Glitch
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The Gulag is typically entered by those that have been eliminated by another player but in this case, it appears that the last-chance saloon takes no prisoners when it comes to deciding who will be fighting next. Reddit user 'Papermetr0' was beaming the opposition and after scoring a couple of kills, the player was hit with a black screen and found themselves doing battle in the Gulag, much to their confusion.

As the clip above shows, the player was happily minding their own business before suddenly appearing in a 1v1 to stay in the match, much to their confusion. One commenter stated that they're "not even surprised anymore," which sums up the mood of most players that would probably prefer to be dropping into Verdansk again.

When Will The Gulag Teleport Glitch Be Fixed?

With several issues currently affecting Warzone Pacific, this particular glitch is a huge problem. Hopefully, Raven Software will implement some kind of fix before Christmas so players can enjoy playing without even more glitches affecting the game throughout the festive season.

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