RAAL MG Returns to Warzone in October 8th Update

After waiting months for the RAAL MG light machine gun (LMG) to arrive in Warzone, the weapon had mysteriously disappeared from the battle royale, much to the confusion of the community. The discovery was made shortly after the Season 6 update went live across all platforms and while the RAAL MG doesn't feature regularly in the meta, Warzone developer Raven Software has quickly addressed the issue and has returned it into the arsenal.

The weapon also disappeared from Modern Warfare, much to everyone's confusion and thanks to the fast actions of the Warzone developer, the LMG is available to use once again.

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RAAL MG Returns To Warzone

After several players were quick to realise that the RAAL MG had disappeared from the arsenal, Raven Software revealed that it had been removed due to a bug that appeared when Season 6 was released on October 7th.

Within the October 8th patch notes, the developer addressed a number of bug fixes, including the return of the RAAL MG. "And the RAAL MG (MW) is back! Oops," Raven posted.

RAAL MG Removed From Warzone

Warzone RAAL MG Disappeared
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Many players won't have spotted its departure from Warzone and Modern Warfare, but after a Tweet from ModernWarzone, the community was quickly made aware of the RAAL MG's bizarre removal.

Although the LMG has disappeared from the arsenal for many players, it turns out that a glitch may have caused the RAAL MG to disappear. One commenter revealed that every single of their Modern Warfare weapons are now invisible in multiplayer while another player took a picture of them holding the RAAL MG in a game, much to everyone's confusion.

With the RAAL MG now back in action, find the very best loadout to use and the best attachments to equip in our comprehensive loadout guide!

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