Players Demand Warzone Devs To Add Quitting Punishments

With the start of Warzone Season 6 right around the corner, the excitement surrounding the final season of the Black Ops Cold War era is beginning to build. As players continue to drop into Verdansk and Rebirth Island, some are growing tired of teammates leaving a match before it has come to an end.

Quitting a match when there's still a chance of scoring a win is far from ideal, especially when you're one of those still alive and need some assistance from a teammate. In a bid to prevent players from ditching their squad, players have requested a penalty to be added if a player does decide to leave a match early.

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Warzone Leaving Penalty

Warzone Quitting Penalty
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The request comes from Reddit user 'Binarycold' who described their experience of playing Warzone with random players. They claim that "no one can ever stay in a full game," which is far from ideal in Duos, Trios, and Quads matches.

The user also states that every mode should be branded as "solos pending" due to a lack of patience amongst some players. To prevent players from abandoning matches, Binarycold claims that there needs to be "some penalty for quitting out."

Warzone wouldn't be the first battle royale title to implement a system to deter players from leaving a match. Apex Legends contains a similar system in Ranked and Arenas matches in a bid to prevent frustrated players from leaving their teammates at a huge disadvantage.

When Will Warzone Add A Quitting Penalty?

It's currently unclear as to whether a quitting penalty will be arriving into Warzone but if the demand from players is there, it will be hard for Raven Software to ignore. If the battle royale does implement a fully-fledged ranked mode, we could see one arrive then but until that day arrives, players will be able to quit as and when they please for the foreseeable future.

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