Bizarre Warzone Bug Silences Footsteps When Sai Is Equipped

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Although Raven Software has done its best to iron out Warzone's many bugs and glitches, new exploits seem to appear on a daily basis, much to the annoyance of the passionate community. With Season 5 Reloaded coming to a close and the launch of Season 6 fast approaching, another issue with the Sai melee weapon has arisen and is having a drastic impact on footstep audio.

The bug is the second to appear in recent weeks after some players were unable to unlock the weapon despite completing all nine challenges that make up The Numbers event. Here's everything we know about this infuriating issue.


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Warzone Sai Footstep Bug

Warzone Sai Silent Footstep Bug

Even though permanent Dead Silence does sound like a handy benefit to have when roaming the streets of Verdansk and Rebirth Island, it's hugely annoying for those that are unable to counter an opponent using the Sai in close-quarters combat. Warzone player evsorr managed to spot the problem while making his way around the Verdansk Airport after noticing the audio had gone quieter than usual.


Players were quick to spot the lack of footstep audio with the Sai equipped, with some suggesting that nearby opponents might be able to hear his footsteps even though the audio was at a minimum for evsorr. Other players say the bug extends further than this, leaving them unable to hear any kind of audio cues from a silent assassin wielding a Sai.

Will It Be Fixed?

It's currently unknown as to how far this particular issue stems but if more players fall victim to quiet audio levels, Raven Software will have to act fast in order to prevent it from having a wider impact on the game.

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