Pro Warzone Player Accused of Cheating During Tournament

The very best Warzone players in the world often compete in tournaments with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line. With Season 2.5 on the horizon, pro players continue to drop into Caldera for a chance to win big.

The battle royale's battle with cheaters is still ongoing and despite the addition of Ricochet ant-cheat, some hackers continue to slip through the net, much to the annoyance of players.

During a qualifier for the $100K Caldera Challenge, a number of competitors accused a player of using cheats after a clip of a suspicious kill emerged.

Pro Warzone Player Accused of Cheating
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Pro Warzone Player Cheating

The qualifying stage of the tournament featured a $15K prize pool on the line and during the tournament, streamer Rasim 'Blazt' Ogresevic posted a clip of another streamer known as 'Shifty' locking onto a target in a way that looks like there's some kind of unnatural assistance.

The clip shows the strange movement onto an unsuspecting opponent before the player opens fire to score the kill. Blazt wasn't the only player to accuse Shifty of using cheats. Edy 'Newbz' Juan also claimed that there was a "cheater in the tourney."

Is Shifty Hacking?

It's hard to tell whether the clip demonstrates a clear case of hacking or an unusual dose of aim assist. Blazt has given Shifty the opportunity to play Warzone on his setup with a brand-new controller to prove his innocence but he's yet to respond. Until then, accusations are going to fly around but the player is technically innocent until proven guilty.

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