Ricochet Anti-cheat Turns Players Invisible To Counter Warzone Hackers

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Credit: Activision

The introduction of Ricochet anti-cheat to Warzone is managing to curb the number of cheaters attempting to drop into the battle royale, much to the delight of the community.

Following the launch of the Season 3 update, the team behind the anti-cheat claim that levels of cheating are at an "all-time low" in addition to revealing how the software is countering anyone deemed to have an unfair advantage.

While some cheaters manage to slip through the net, Ricochet is now turning legitimate players invisible, rendering their hacks completely useless during a match.

Warzone Ricochet Turns Players Invisible
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Warzone Ricochet Invisible Players

Rather than unintentional glitches turning players invisible, Warzone's anti-cheat is capable of causing legit players to disappear. This sounds inconvenient but the players only turn invisible for the cheater, preventing them from ruining the match for everyone else.

Warzone content creator Mavriq managed to capture a hacker dominating a pre-game lobby before Ricochet kicked in.

Players quickly shared their happiness at the new innovation. One player claimed the feature "makes them doubt even if it's worth it," implying the invisibility could prevent repeat offenders accessing another account to repeat the process.

How Does Ricochet Stop Warzone Hackers?

In addition to protecting innocent players using the power of invisibility, Ricochet also reduces the damage of a hacker's gun, rendering it useless against any incoming players.


Alongside the cloaking, Ricochet confirms over 54k Call of Duty accounts have received a ban since its last social media update. It says ban waves take place on a daily basis in order to minimise the chance of hackers ruining matches.

Alongside the in-game interventions, the anti-cheat issues hardware bans to stop hackers from loading into matches on another account. With the invisibility measures proving a hit, it will be interesting to see what else Team Ricochet has in store as the battle against cheaters continues.

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