Warzone Portable Redeploy Balloon: Where to Find and How to Use

Image showing Warzone player using portable redeploy balloon
Credit: Activision

Having the ability to quickly rotate around Caldera makes all the difference during a Warzone match. In Season 2, the addition of Redeploy Balloons made rotating across the Pacific island much easier than attempting to source a vehicle.

With the start of Season 4 Reloaded right around the corner, an all-new method of rotation will make its way into the battle royale. Portable Redeploy Balloons allow players to place a balloon in a location of their choice which is ideal to escape any sticky situations.

In addition to the Portable Redeploy Balloons, the mid-season update is likely to contain another dose of buffs and nerfs that could bring changes to the Season 4 meta and the end to the NZ-41 dominance. With that said, find out where to find and how to use a Warzone Portable Redeploy Balloon in this guide.

What is A Portable Redeploy Balloon?

The Portable Redeploy Balloon works in exactly the same way as a Redeploy Balloon. Instead of having to move to a specific location, you can use a balloon whenever and wherever you need it.

The Field Upgrade is particularly useful when evading a large number of opponents and if you find yourself in a position where the circle is closing in.

Where to Find Portable Redeploy Balloon

You can get your hands on the Portable Redeploy Balloon in Warzone by completing Contracts during a match and by opening a Supply Drop that lands on Caldera.

If luck is on your side, there's always a chance of finding one within one of several loot crates dotted all over the map.

Image showing Warzone player dropping in after using redeploy balloon
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Credit: Activision

How to Use Warzone Portable Redeploy Balloon

Just like any other Warzone Field Upgrade, the Portable Redeploy Balloon is extremely simple to use. Press the activate button when you reach your desired location to place the balloon on the ground.

Once deployed, interact with it to ascend into the sky and relocate as fast as possible. It's important to remember that the Portable Redeploy Balloon only lasts for 30 seconds to make sure to make the most of it before it deflates.

Alongside the short use time, any players that encounter a Portable Redeploy Balloon can use it so there's always a chance of a potential ambush.

Are Portable Redeploy Balloons Good in Warzone?

Considering the static Redeploy Balloons don't feature across the entirety of Caldera, the ability to use one at your own convenience can have a huge impact on a match.

Imagine using a balloon to follow the final circle from the skies to evade the final enemy before dropping in on them to catch them off-guard. The new addition adds a new layer of gameplay which will increase the pace of Caldera.

That's all there is to know about Portable Redeploy Balloons in Warzone. For more, check out our page for all the latest news, leaks, and guides to master Call of Duty's battle royale.

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