Warzone Players Ask Developers To Remove UAVs

The idea of using a UAV to locate an opponent in a Warzone match is nothing new. Since the battle royale launched, the UAV acts as a game-changing Killstreak as players aim to be the last one standing at the very end.

With Season 2's mid-season update on the horizon, Raven Software continues to alter the availability of UAVs by lowering its Buy Station price to $6K in a recent update.

On one hand, players prefer their inclusion in the game but on the other, some have asked the developer to remove UAVs altogether.

Warzone UAV Killstreak
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Warzone UAVs Removed

If you've ever played a Warzone match, UAVs will appear in the skies on a regular basis as players attempt to hunt down any opposition. However' Reddit user 'maxpowerphd' claims the game was more fun after the Killstreak was removed from Buy Stations and players received a UAV as a reward for completing contracts.

The post states players would have to add a little creativity to their gameplay rather than relying on Ghost to conceal their locations from the UAVs overhead. "I think they were on to something with the UAV change and hope they bring it back," wrote the user.

Many agreed with the post, claiming players "use them as a crutch like Heartbeat Sensors instead of using their eyes."

Will UAVs Be Removed From Warzone?

It's unclear as to whether Raven Software will remove UAVs from all Warzone modes but the developer isn't afraid to take player feedback on board. Increasing the rarity of the Killstreak has the potential to alter the pace of the game by encouraging more tactical play but it may deter casual players from dropping in.

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