Warzone Players Disappointed As Iron Trials Is Removed

As players eagerly wait for the launch of Season 6 for Warzone, the latest update to the hugely popular battle royale has removed the popular Iron Trials LTM, and players are not happy with this decision.

Most Warzone players enjoyed the limited-time mode (LTM) compared with the Numbers Event and were unhappy with the mode being removed in place of another mode that probably won't be as popular. Iron Trials saw players dropping into the action with increased health alongside the weapon arsenal receiving a significant increase in the time to kill.

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Warzone Iron Trials Removed

Iron Trials LTM Removed in the latest Call of Duty: Warzone update
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In a deleted Reddit post, user 'Engo20' shared his thoughts on the removal of Iron Trials. The community supported this post at large and added their own comments. One user also shared their thoughts on how Iron Trials can be used to improve the standard BR experience:

“They should just apply the higher TTK to the regular br modes. I don’t know with the loadout, enjoyed it anyway. Having actually gun fights, time to react, just seemed more fair, rewarding and fun overall.”

Iron Trials brought quite a few changes in Warzone including - increased Buy Station prices, fewer vehicles on the map, and no free Loadout Drops. For those players that managed to become the last one standing, an exclusive Calling Card along with plenty of XP was given out as rewards. Other players also pitched in saying that they need to make Iron Trials a permanent mode after all the positive feedback from the community.

When Will Iron Trials Return To Warzone?

Raven Software has still not confirmed when Iron Trials will be returning to Warzone but one thing is for certain, the mode proved to be a hugely popular addition to the game and players are desperate for it to return in the not too distant future.

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