Warzone's Numbers Event Is A Complete Let-Down

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The Numbers event is the latest limited-time event (LTE) to arrive within Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. As the storyline slowly builds towards the launch of Season 6, several players are dropping into Verdansk to see what secrets are being held within the nine Mobile Broadcast Stations that have suddenly appeared. After visiting all nine stations and interacting with them, it turns out that there's not much going on in Perseus' latest attempt to turn the tide of the Cold War, much to the annoyance of the community that has patiently waited for the event to get underway.

Rather than developing the existing storyline further, The Numbers event acts as a meaningless stepping stone towards the finale of Black Ops Cold War's time at the forefront of the immensely popular battle royale.


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The Numbers Event: A Huge Let-Down

Warzone The Numbers Event Let Down

The Numbers programme has been an integral part of the Black Ops story ever since the beginning of the series where Soviet scientists attempted to manipulate the mind of CIA agent Alex Mason. The return to the Cold War in Treyarch's latest instalment highlighted the brainwashing programme once again thanks to the enigmatic Perseus attempting to infiltrate American intelligence using all manner of tactics.


The addition of the Red Doors in Warzone was the first sign of any crossover between the battle royale and the Numbers and ever since a dedicated event surrounding the programme was revealed, players were curious to see where the storyline would be heading next but after visiting the broadcast stations and with no significant changes to the map, this LTE is a stark contrast to the huge success of the 80s Action Heroes Event which bought in new Operators and a brand-new point of interest.

So Much Wasted Potential

The Numbers Warzone Event

Since LTEs began taking place within Warzone, the community's expectations have increasingly risen once an event has run its course which is why The Numbers event has been such a disappointment. More often than not, a Warzone LTE features huge changes to the map that coincides with its theme, new playable Operators, and so much more that immerses players in what it has to offer.


To an extent, the addition of broadcast stations are changes to the map but they aren't as significant as the appearance of Nakatomi Plaza. The addition of the Plaza proved so popular that Raven Software opted to keep the building in the game. I think it's safe to say that the broadcast stations will be disappearing once the event comes to an end.

The lack of storyline development has also been disappointing even though the start of Season 6 is only a few weeks away. With Mason's connection with The Numbers, the event would've been the ideal time to see the Black Ops icon arrive in Warzone as he joins the fight against Perseus.

Food For Thought

Despite the negatives, there's plenty Raven Software and Activision can learn from the unsuccessful Numbers event. The 80s Action Heroes event set the bar for Warzone's limited-time events and future LTEs should take inspiration from what made it a success rather than adding some meaningless interactive structure that unlocks a Calling Card. Let's hope the next LTE can avoid the failures of The Numbers event and channel the positives seen when John Rambo and John McClane joined the fight.


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