Bizarre Warzone Bug Lets Players Score Kills Before A Match Starts

Season 5 Reloaded of Warzone is well underway and with Season 6 on the horizon, players are continuing to drop into Verdansk and Rebirth Island to get their fix of battle royale action. Alongside the huge range of content, players have encountered a variety of bugs including one that turns them invincible.

The most recent bug to be discovered involves players managing to score kills before leaving the pre-game lobby. The few seconds prior to dropping into the action acts as the perfect warm-up and rather than managing to load in as normal, players are sent straight to the spectator screen, much to their annoyance.

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Warzone Pre-Game Kill Bug

Warzone Pre-Game Kill Bug
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After experiencing this bizarre issue, Reddit user 'Felochel' published a clip of falling victim to a brutal Finishing Move in the pre-game lobby but rather than joining the other players on the deployment plane, the player was watching the early stages of the match as a bystander and had to wait to re-join the action.

While it's not as bad as other Warzone bugs and glitches, it's certainly annoying for those that are expecting to drop into a match but end up waiting on the sidelines for a teammate to buy them back. Based on the video, the problem occurred during a Clash match, Raven Software's take on a Team Deathmatch meaning they were able to drop back into the game. If this happened in a regular BR mode, players would start the game battling for survival in the Gulag which would be a sure-fire way of spicing up the game.

It's unclear if Raven Software is aware of this issue but it's more than likely that it will be addressed in an upcoming update. Until then, keep your eyes peeled in the pre-game lobby!

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