Notorious Warzone Invincibility Bug Has Returned Again

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As Warzone players begin to explore what Season 5 Reloaded has to offer, players are encountering a bizarre issue that is allowing players to become invincible, much to the annoyance of those attempting to eliminate them. The battle royale has experienced its fair share of game-breaking bugs in recent seasons which have led to players turning invisible, equipping unbreakable gas masks, and many more unintentional ways to evade the Gulag.

Rather than hackers gaining an unfair advantage, this latest iteration of the invincibility glitch can be performed by anyone so it's understandable to see why many members of the community are furious.

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Warzone Invincibility Glitch

Warzone Soldiers Shooting At Each Other

Shortly after encountering a couple of players armed with Riot Shields teaming up in a solo match, Reddit user 'NuttyMcCrunch' posted a clip of the exploit in full effect.


While it looks like there's some kind of hack responsible for the inability to eliminate the opposition, another Reddit user revealed that it's down to a bug involving the Rytec AMR sniper rifle. The user states that the bug occurs when the Riot Shield players are hit with a bullet from the sniper or a Combat Bow Killstreak. The health bar goes all the way down to a single point of health but doesn't regenerate, leaving them immune to any kind of gunfire that comes their way.

When Will It Be Fixed?

It's unclear as to whether Raven Software and Activision are aware of this infuriating issue but with several players experiencing the problem, it's highly likely that this game-breaking exploit will be addressed in an upcoming update.