Call of Duty Developers Respond to Player Frustration

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The launch of Season 1 Reloaded for Warzone Pacific and Call of Duty Vanguard has been far from the smooth experience players have come to expect from the hugely successful franchise. With numerous issues impacting the battle royale, multiplayer, and even 2019's Modern Warfare, the community has grown tired and continues to express its frustration with the lack of fixes going live.

Despite the best efforts of Raven Software, Sledgehammer Games, and Infinity Ward, game-breaking bugs and glitches continue to appear, much to the annoyance of players. The problems have led Call of Duty to issue a response addressing the community and the steps that are being taken to ensure a smooth experience is had across all of its titles.

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Call of Duty Responds To Game Issues

Call of Duty Responds To Warzone, Vanguard, and Modern Warfare issues
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In a Tweet titled "A message to our community," the developers of each title emphasised that they're "hard at work" fixing the issues that have arisen across all three titles and that updates are being rolled out as "quickly as possible."

For Warzone, Raven Software is currently focused on improving console performance, addressing the regular appearance of invisible Operator Skins, and players freezing when accessing Buy Stations which ultimately causes the game to crash. The issues impacting Vanguard are far more extensive, with players less than satisfied with Sledgehammer Games' attempt to nerf Incendiary Grenades. Issues being worked on involve fixes for camo challenges and a dedicated pause feature for Zombies.

The transparency provided by Activision and its developers is a welcome change to the radio silence that often takes place when there are glaring issues that need to be addressed. The statement is certainly a step forward but the next part involves the developers implementing surefire fixes to prevent further issues from appearing.


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