Best Vanguard Assault Rifle for Warzone Pacific

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The launch of Season 1 for Warzone Pacific is right around the corner and after weeks of teasers, the excitement surrounding the new era of the battle royale is beginning to build. As part of the new season of post-launch content, the entire Vanguard weapon arsenal will be integrated into the game, giving players even more options when it comes to building the best Warzone loadout.

The assault rifle category is always filled with weapons that regularly dominate the metagame and with the arrival of Vanguard's guns, it's highly likely that it becomes even more competitive. With that said, here are the ARs that are going to be the best to use in Caldera.


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Best Vanguard AR for Warzone Pacific

Best Vanguard AR for Warzone Pacific

There will be a total of seven new ARs making an appearance in Warzone Pacific, each possessing a range of characteristics that can allow players to excel in those competitive mid-range engagements. Having spent plenty of time using them in Vanguard's multiplayer, here's one particular rifle that we think will make the biggest impact.


STG 44

The STG 44 has been the standout performer in multiplayer and with Warzone Pacific using exactly the same engine, it's highly likely that it will slot into the early metagame for Season 1. Armed with a strong rate of fire and high levels of control, the STG can thrive in those mid-range duels against the likes of the AMAX and the EM2.

STG 44 Warzone Pacific

Will Vanguard Guns Be Good in Warzone Pacific?

Thanks to Raven Software's regular doses of weapon balancing, it's more than likely that the Vanguard weapons will be viable options alongside the Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War arsenals. As with previous integrations, a few weapons could be more powerful than the other and if any AR does surpass the performance of the STG, we will update this guide with the latest information.