Warzone Operation Monarch Secret Challenges: How to Complete and All Rewards

Operation Monarch is officially underway. Players are jumping onto Caldera to take part in the latest Warzone limited-time event (LTE) to do battle against Godzilla and Kong. The event contains plenty of new additions to the battle royale, including a couple of secret challenges for players to complete.

Alongside the hidden objectives, there are eight Operation Monarch challenges to work through over the course of the event. Ranging from scoring a high placement to simply taking part in the event. Just like the known challenges, the secret challenges come with their own rewards.

With that said, find out how to complete the Warzone Operation Monarch secret challenges along with the available rewards in this guide.

Operation Monarch Secret Challenges

As players drop onto Caldera alongside the two titans, they've discovered two secret tasks to complete so far. It's unknown if Raven Software will add more challenges and if they do, be sure to check this guide for all the latest intel.

Here's everything we know about the two secret challenges:

  • Deal the Most Damage During a Titan Frenzy Event
  • Place first in an Operation Monarch match
  • Subdue King Kong during a Titan Frenzy Event
  • Deal damage to Godzilla
  • Deal damage to King Kong
  • Land an airplane on Godzilla's head
  • Fly underneath King Kong's legs
  • Get 3 eliminations with a Flaming Throwing Knife

These challenges are fairly straightforward to complete. To deal as much damage during the Titan Frenzy event, make sure you and your squad is close to either Godzilla or Kong. The challenge is also a great opportunity to obtain a S.C.R.E.A.M Device which gives you a chance to use the immense power of the titans.

Operation Monarch Secret Challenge Rewards

As with the known rewards, players can earn some themed rewards for completing the secret challenges. Check out what's up for grabs in the list below:

  • Skull Crawler Weapon Charm
  • Titanus Kong and Titanus Gojira Player Titles
  • Titan S.C.R.E.A.M Weapon Charm
  • Island Guardian Spray
  • Ants Among a King Calling Card
  • Grudge Match Calling Card
  • Gravitational Phenomenon Calling Card
  • Mountain Dew Godzilla Calling Card

How Long Is Operation Monarch?

Operation Monarch runs until May 25, giving players two weeks to complete all of the secret challenges. As the event progresses, there's a chance of new challenges appearing but for now, there are just two secret objectives we know of.

If you're a fan of collecting the cosmetics, these challenges are worth completing but if you just want to have a chance of defeating Kong and Godzilla, they're not worth worrying about.

That's everything we know about the secret challenges within the Operation Monarch Warzone event. For more Warzone intel, check out our page for all the latest news, leaks, and guides.

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