Warzone Players Brand Operation Monarch Event "Disappointing"

Warzone Operation Monarch Disappointing

Warzone Operation Monarch Disappointing

Godzilla and Kong have arrived in Warzone as part of Operation Monarch, the latest limited-time event to take place in the battle royale. The two behemoths roam around the island until the Titan Frenzy event allows players to attack them for a brief period of time.

With a lack of epic battle between the two taking place in addition to the inability to control the monsters, the likes of NICKMERCS and Dr Disrespect scoring the event "a 2.2/10."

Along with many streamers, several players are unhappy with the operation, branding it as "disappointing."

Players Slam "Disappointing" Operation Monarch Event

The majority of the disappointment stems from the Operation Monarch cinematic trailer that shows Godzilla and Kong fighting on Caldera, leading many to believe some kind of spectacular showdown would take place.

Instead, the two titans barely interact with each other, with players only able to deal damage as part of a Titan Frenzy event. Reddit user 'XrayHAFB' claims the event is "clickbait" after sharing a post of Kong about to land a vicious right hand onto Godzilla.

It's not just this user that shares the same opinion. One commenter says Warzone is a "constant disappointment" following the integration of Black Ops Cold War back in 2020. "This game mode is absolute garbage" adds another frustrated player.

The ability to utilise the immense power of Kong and Godzilla is a nice touch but it doesn't compare to controlling the titans and decimating anything standing in the way. Compared to previous events adding 80s action heroes and zombies to Warzone, it's fair to say that Operation Monarch misses the mark.

It's unclear if Raven Software has more twists and turns planned for the remainder of the event but in the meantime, players aren't best pleased.

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