Stats Show Warzone NZ-41 Wasn't Nerfed in July 7 Update

Image showing NZ-41 assault rifle on black background
Credit: Activision

Image showing NZ-41 assault rifle on black background
Credit: Activision

The July 7 update for Warzone included a significant recoil nerf to the NZ-41 assault rifle (AR). The Vanguard AR continues to dominate the Season 4 meta despite the best efforts of Raven Software.

Prior to the most recent update to the battle royale, the developer nerfed the rifle but the changes made no difference to overall performance. With Season 4 Reloaded on the horizon, many are hoping another wave of buffs and nerfs can restore some balance.

Following the most recent nerf, in-game statistics reveal there's no nerf to the NZ-41 much to the confusion of players.

Warzone NZ-41 Hasn't Received A Nerf

Although the July 7 update patch notes mention a 20% decrease in recoil recovery, Warzone stats website claims the reduction is far less.

Instead of a 20% reduction, the recoil recovery has only decreased by 2.78% which explains why there's hardly any difference between the pre and post-patch NZ-41 in recent weeks. Warzone content creator WhosImmortal agrees with the claim, saying the AR "wasn't really nerfed."

"Nerfing 20% of nothing is still nothing," says the YouTuber. In a bid to add a meaningful nerf to the NZ-41, WhosImmortal suggests a decrease in damage drop-off to make it a "balanced meta weapon" rather than a rifle capable of beaming any target at any distance.

With such a minimal nerf, it's no surprise to see the NZ-41 continuing to feature in the loadouts of Warzone players. As Raven Software continues to address issues concerning the community at an impressive rate, there's always a chance an NZ-41 nerf will take place before the mid-season update launches.

For now, make the most of the NZ-41 before its impending disappearance from the meta!

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