“Full Transparency, I Don’t Give a F*** About You.” - NICKMERCS Savagely Roasts Viewer After Warzone Challenge

Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff is no stranger to Warzone challenges, but he does not like disrespect. After receiving a challenge, a viewer started trash-talking Nick. Also, it implied that NICKMERCS would listen to him if he threatened to stop watching.

NICKMERCS has been very clear about how he feels about viewers threatening not to watch his channel. NICKMERCS doesn't care and finds the assumption annoying. Nick lost his temper right after a viewer commented on his ads during Warzone.

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Warzone Streamer Mad

On NICKMERCS' Warzone stream, KingHaze710 challenged Nick to a Warzone match. This isn't out of the ordinary, but the comment that stood out was "so I can kill you lol," which is a red flag. Nick looked through KingHaze's history and found that he was also complaining about ads, which are only displayed to unsubbed viewers.

What's funny is that Nick started yelling at the viewer immediately. First with his looks, then that he'd wreck him, and to stop complaining. I'm sure KingHaze didn't expect Nick to look at his chat history in this roast. Here's the first part:

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Looking for his name in the chat, it appears the moderators have banned him, or they've taken his words out since they're gone and only visible in the clip. Here's the second part:

Although Nick quickly moved on, this is a good reminder that whenever you talk to a streamer, they can read what you've said, regardless of when you said it. Despite playing Warzone several times before, Nick caught what this viewer dead to rights.

We'll keep an eye on things and have more on streamers in our Entertainment section.

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