NICKMERCS, JGOD, And Other Streamers And Pros Argued Over Warzone Aim Assist On Twitter

There has never been a debate as heated as this one over the aim assist in Warzone. There are usually only random people over Twitter chiming in. Nope, not this time. Over Twitter, NICKMERCS, JGOD, DrDisRespect, and many others were arguing about it.

Even FaZe Kalei came to watch the match. It's a simple debate: Does aim assist give controller players an unfair advantage over keyboard and mouse players? My goal is not to take sides but to present the arguments.

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Aim Assist In Warzone

Many people are in this flame thread, so I will add some tweets and present both sides. Still, I recommend reading through a lot of these tweets; some are super funny.

The arguments:

Against Aim Assist

The aim assist feature helps controller players too much. At this point, it is basically an aimbot. The balance needs to be improved since it's not fair to keyboard and mouse players. Why not take it down a notch? If we give the controller players 50% less, then things will be fair.

Pro Aim Assist

Aim assist is also available to keyboard players. The keyboard and mouse players have increased FOV and a better FPS, but you don't hear us complaining. Aim assist needs to be stronger on the controller because a hand is faster and more accurate than a thumb. It's not fair that some instances ruin what is helping controller players stay even with keyboard and mouse.

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There have been times when aim assist acted like an aimbot. Here's a tweet showing Shroud losing to an aim assist that went too far. Even so, does that mean the whole thing needs to be altered?

With what was described before, how much more of a natural advantage do PC players have? It's undeniable that a mouse is a better tool for aiming than a thumbstick, so players must consider this. I play some games on my PC and some on my console because of comfort. However, I don't think we'll ever fix this problem.

Since cross-play exists, there is no victory in this argument. Controllers and keyboards are like apples and oranges; they're too different to make perfectly even. Hence, no matter how far this argument goes, you'll never achieve a perfect balance. One side will always have an issue.

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