OpTic Scump Is Already Being Accused Of Hacking Just Three Days After Starting Warzone

Why do some people assume that someone who is good at Warzone, they're cheating? It is even more absurd when they're pros, streamers, or people who spend hours playing the same game. This accusation was thrown at OpTic Scump, a professional Call of Duty player for more than a decade.

Three days into playing Warzone, OpTic Scump got the hackusations thrown at him. That's pretty crazy, especially when it's a pro who gets paid to play the game well. Yet, this is where we are at the moment.

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OpTic Scump Accused of cheating in Warzone

How did this accusation come about? Cronos, the go-to accusation from bad players. Over ten years of continually playing a game, no one could learn to control their recoil. It's impossible.
In case you didn't know, Cronos helps with your recoil, among other things. That means it uses macros to slightly push down on your aim as a weapon's recoil pushes it up. Counter-balancing is the term.

Because Warzone weapons have very low recoil, it shouldn't be difficult to do it on your own over time, but let's blame Cronos.

Props to Dexerto for finding these tweets:

OpTic Scump is probably not unfamiliar with these accusations. People had always claimed these things long before it was possible. How many of you remember the old Modern Warfare lobby? There were many cruel things said and accusations made there—baptism by fire.

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It sounds like a case of "he's good and I'm not so he must be cheating," instead of "hard work reaps great rewards." But you never ever know. Each time I think a pro can't cheat, I remember Lance Armstrong and how he tricked everyone. Not to mention all the baseball, basketball, and football players who also cheated. Therefore, there's always a chance.

Nevertheless, even if it's possible, you shouldn't automatically assume it's true. Let's just use deductive reasoning instead of inductive reasoning until someone proves otherwise. A Call of Duty pro is good because he spent over ten years playing Call of Duty. Just like when you hear hoofbeats, you should think 'horses,' not 'zebras' (depending on where you live.)

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