Raven Software Reveals New Warzone HUD

As part of the Season 3 Reloaded update for Warzone, Raven Software has introduced major changes to the HUD (Head-up Display) players can see during a match.

The change is one of many to feature in the mid-season update which includes a decrease in player count and the arrival of an Underground Transit System that allows players to navigate the map through a series of underground passageways.

The new HUD provides players with plenty of information ranging from the total Cash amount of their squad to the number of armour plates in their possession.

Warzone HUD Changes

Providing accurate intel in the heat of battle is a key ingredient to achieving success on Caldera and Rebirth Island. Rather than spending time asking if any teammates have any spare plates kicking around, the new HUD shows what each player has in their personal arsenal.

Image showing the new Warzone HUD
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Credit: Activision

The image above shows the full extent of the changes. Small icons show whether a player has a Killstreak stored away or access to a Self-Revive Kit to use in any sticky situations. In addition, a small Loadout icon appears once your squad has enough Cash to purchase one from a Buy Station.

If you find yourself short on money to spend, the Season 3 Reloaded update also introduces High Value Loot Zones that can yield plenty of high-tier loot alongside huge piles of Cash to spend on anything ranging from UAVs to the redeployment of a teammate.

The new-look HUD is a huge improvement from the previous iteration. Even if players aren't using microphones to communicate, the HUD allows you to see what they've got to work with which will improve your chances of victory.

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