Warzone Pacific Season 2 Update Adds Nebula V Bomb

The Warzone arsenal expands regularly thanks to its drops of post-launch content containing all-new weaponry for players to master.

Season 2 for the popular battle royale is right around the corner and Raven Software has already unveiled significant changes arriving in the first major update of 2022.

In addition to the Whitley LMG and the KG M40 assault rifle, players can get their hands on a game-changing weapon which appears as a piece of Legendary loot from supply boxes or by destroying armoured trucks.

Warzone Nebula V Gas Bomb
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What Is A Nebula V Gas Bomb?

Following the Season 2 cinematic trailer, Nebula V is a toxic gas capable of killing any players that don't have access to a Gas Mask. According to the Call of Duty blog, players can't destroy the bomb once the countdown has started.

Once detonated, the explosion deals plenty of damage to anyone in the nearby area before gas spreads. The toxic cloud will remain for two minutes before it disperses into the edge of the circle or vanishes completely.

How To Find Nebula V Gas Bomb

Those on the hunt for the locked briefcase will need a stroke of luck as it's one of the rarest items in all of Warzone. We recommend taking on the armoured trucks for the best chance of finding one but there's every chance of one appearing in one of the several supply crates across Caldera.

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