MuteX Gives His Best Sniper Support OTS 9 Loadout In Warzone

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Mutex is likely the only Warzone player that doesn't provide an exact loadout when recommending a weapon. In addition to showing off the gameplay, he advises using OTS 9, especially when shooting snipers. However, he does not display any loadout, just letting us know what he puts in.

As someone who has done many loadouts in Warzone, I can explain what MuteX said in layman's terms. The following is a description of OTS 9's loadout, including what it needs to be great. In addition to that, many people claim that the OTS 9 is also suitable for hip shooting.


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The best OTS 9 Loadout in Warzone according to MuteX

Mutex uses the OTS 9 as sniper support, which is good since it's a fast weapon. The OTS 9 is suitable for sniper support, quick turns, sliding, and hip fire. In Warzone, the OTS performs these functions. Mutex even prompted some players to ask, "how?" Since they died simply from his speed.

When MuteX gunned down people, it was hilarious to hear people question his legitimacy. There were some outrageous kills, but MuteX is supposed to be good, so he should get this reaction regardless. Still, MuteX pokes fun at all of the cheating/hacking accusations going around lately. To one person who asked, "how?" he responded, "I'm cheating, that's how."

Video starts at 1:20

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As promised, here is the OTS 9 loadout as per MuteX. There isn't much more information than this, so the video will have the answers if there are questions. The loadout is as follows:


Muzzle: GRU Suppressor
Barrel: Task Force
Ammunition: 40 RND
Stock: KGB Skeletal Stock
Underbarrel: Bruiser Grip

Mutex did not specify anything further, but this all seems self-explanatory.

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