Warzone Earnings And Top Warzone Earners in 2022

Image of Warzone Operators Sitting on Rock
Credit: Activision

Image of Warzone Operators Sitting on Rock
Credit: Activision

While the Call of Duty League (CDL) features the very best Vanguard players in the world, the best Warzone players on the planet compete in a variety of tournaments organised by different hosts and often have to play with different sets of rules.

With Season 3 of the battle royale in full swing, there are a variety of high-stakes tournaments that take place on a regular basis, giving the best players in the world to showcase their skills on the streets of Verdansk.

With more tournaments on the horizon, which players have managed to earn the most money?

Warzone Earnings List 2022

According to Esports Earnings, over $9 million has been awarded from numerous Warzone tournaments, with the number expected to increase as more World Series of Warzone tournaments takeplace in the not too distant future.

Find the top 20 earners and how much they’ve won below:

  1. Tommey - $367,574.30
  2. Aydan - $350,890.26
  3. Almond - $320,978.02
  4. HusKerrs - $$309,333.38
  5. SuperEvan - $275,597.06
  6. Rated - $273,296.93
  7. Newbz - $256,851.16
  8. Biffle - $235,908.34
  9. Jukeyz - $212,866.04
  10. Fifakill - $196,427.94
  11. WarsZ - $189,881.63
  12. Destroy - $174,312.50
  13. ZLaner - $172,511.10
  14. Swagg - $168,850.01
  15. UnRationaL - $134,575.01
  16. JoeWo - $133,991.68
  17. Stukawaki - $131,308.90
  18. Scump - $123,375.00
  19. ScummN - $119,975
  20. Recrent - $111,729.92

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As you can see from the list, the top 20 earners is filled with a mix of professional players and content creators that have all showcased their skills in the biggest tournaments. The list changes on a regular basis due to a variety of players achieving victory in numerous tournaments that contain prize pools of insane amounts of money.

We will update this article regularly so be sure to check back to see which Warzone players are topping the earnings charts.

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