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Warzone Earnings And Top Warzone Earners in 2021


While the Call of Duty League (CDL) features the very best Black Ops Cold War players in the world, the best Warzone players on the planet compete in a variety of tournaments organised by different hosts, and often have to play with different sets of rules.


With Season Two in full swing, even more tournaments are beginning to pop up and are featuring huge prize pools.

The most recent Warzone tournament was the second running of the Toronto Ultra $100K Payout which was won by Team Swagg.

With more tournaments on the horizon, which players have managed to earn the most money?

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Top Warzone Earners

According to Esports Earnings, over $3 million has been awarded from numerous Warzone tournaments, quite impressive considering there is no official competitive Warzone circuit.

Find the top 20 earners and how much they’ve won below:

  1. HusKerrs - $140,150.01
  2. Aydan - $138,870.83
  3. Rated - 103,808.33
  4. SuperEvan - $102,770.83
  5. Tommey - $95,654.46
  6. Biffle - $84,741.67
  7. Symfuhny - $81,683.33
  8. ZLaner - $72,916.66
  9. WarZ - $70,288.07
  10. Swagg - $64,233.34
  11. Frozone - $60,954.16
  12. Vikkstar123 - $60,650.00
  13. Almxnd - $59,221.13
  14. Jukeyz - $59,195.66
  15. MuTex - $58,087.49
  16. TeePee - $53,416.67
  17. UnRationaL - $46,100.00
  18. Newbz - $43,683.33
  19. DougIsRaw - $43,466.67
  20. BobbyPoff - $42,525.00

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As you can see from the list, the top 20 earners is filled with a mix of professional players and content creators that have all showcased their skills throughout Verdansk.

As competitive Warzone events continue to take place and with prize pools continuing to increase, would Activision ever launch a dedicated league for the battle royale?

The concept of a competitive battle royale league is nothing new.

Rival BR titles such as Apex Legends and Fortnite have their very own league where the best players battle it out for huge amounts of prize money alongside the prestige of being the best player in the world.

It could certainly work for Warzone given its immense popularity and the huge pool of talented players that often compete at the top.

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