Aydan Reveals His Bullfrog Build For Warzone

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When used correctly, the Bullfrog is one of those weapons that can be deadly and OP. It is, unfortunately, necessary to know the proper loadout and build to do that. The good news is that Aydan takes time to demonstrate what loadout he prefers briefly.

He doesn't take long to show it off, which shouldn't be a problem since you're reading this, and I've included everything below. In any case, if you want to own everyone in Warzone, this is the weapon for you. Our goal is to show off great weapon loadouts as they are created.


Best Bullfrog loadout attachment Warzone

Aydan displays his Bullfrog build in Warzone for only a few seconds. Fortunately, this article includes a video and screenshot of the setup, so it won't be challenging to replicate. Immediately beneath the video, readers can find the screenshot and a detailed build.

Aydan doesn't spend any time explaining where everything goes. Below is a screenshot that can help, but I've written it out too:


Muzzle: GRU Suppressor

Barrel: 7.4" Task Force

Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight

Stock: KGB Skeletal Stock


Underbarrel: Bruiser Grip

A loadout for the Bullfrog weapon. The actual loadout is above the screenshot written out already.
The Bullfrog Gunsmith Loadout

Aydan demonstrates how to use the rifle well in this build. Our team will be sure to add more OP weapons that require modifications as we come across them.