MP5 Cold War vs Modern Warfare – Which Is Better?

The MP5 submachine gun has featured in several Call of Duty titles over the years and is widely regarded as one of the very best weapons in the history of the franchise.

Modern Warfare’s MP5 skyrocketed in popularity and remains an integral part of the metagame while Cold War’s version of the SMG is also popular amongst the community.

With Season 2 in full swing, it is difficult to determine which of the two is better than the other.

Which MP5 is better? Modern Warfare’s or Cold War’s?!

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MP5 Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare MP5 vs Cold War MP5
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Armed with an incredible rate of fire and minimal recoil, Modern Warfare’s MP5 is arguably the best weapon in the entire game.

The low recoil levels enable players to take on even the most difficult of gunfights at long distances while the lack of damage drop-off gives the MP5 an impressive time to kill regardless of how close the enemy is.

To bolster its versatility even further, the Merc Foregrip drastically improves hip-fire spread, making the weapon extremely accurate even when firing from the hip.

MP5 Cold War

Cold War MP5 vs Modern Warfare MP5
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The MP5 from Black Ops Cold War is still a solid SMG, but in comparison to Modern Warfare’s it does fall short in a few areas.

With increased recoil, it’s difficult to control in long-range duels and lacks in performance due to the severe damage drop-off.

Despite its long-range flaws, the Cold War MP5 is exceptional in close-quarters combat thanks to its rapid rate of fire.

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Which Is Better?

Having used both versions of the MP5 for several hours, it’s tricky to decide on which is the best as they both excel in a variety of situations.

I’m going to go with Modern Warfare’s MP5 as the better of the two thanks to its superior versatility.

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