How To Get Longshots With The MP5 In Cold War

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The MP5 in Black Ops Cold War is one of the most popular submachine-guns to be using thanks to its fast rate of fire and incredible versatility in a number of situations.

Since the launch of the game in November 2020, it frequently appears in multiplayer and despite a hefty nerf, it has remained a staple of the ever-changing metagame.


With Season 2 in full swing, it can be tricky to score longshots with the SMG despite the low recoil levels.

Here’s the best way to score long-distance kills.

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How To Get Longshots With The MP5 In Cold War

MP5 longshots cold war


Before jumping into a match, selecting the right combination of attachments greatly improves the performance of the MP5 at longer distances.

We recommend selecting the 9.5” Task Force barrel for a 50% increase in damage range along with the Visiontech 2x optic for a clear view of any targets that appear from afar.

Weapon Control


Firing the MP5 for a prolonged period of time can lead to recoil levels that are extremely difficult to control.

To prevent the recoil from reaching uncontrollable levels, fire the SMG in small bursts. It may not secure the kill instantly, but having that extra control will enable you to score longshots without any need to worry about any recoil that can easily impact your accuracy.

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To earn longshots for the MP5 as quickly as possible, jump into the Hardcore playlist. With health lowered to minimal levels, it’s extremely easy to sit in a quieter area of the map and pick off enemies with the SMG with ease.

After a bit of time testing out the best places to utilise, the nuclear shelter out the back of the green house on Nuketown ’84 provides the perfect sightline to score longshots.

Other maps such as Satellite and Miami are ideal when it comes to scoring longshots with this powerful SMG. Hardcore modes make the process much quicker but for those that prefer Core, sitting back and pre-aiming the congested areas of the map is the way to go.

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