Cold War Milano 821 vs MP5 – Which Is Better?

The submachine-gun category in Black Ops Cold War is one of the most popular for players thanks to the wide variety of weaponry that excels in close-quarters and mid-range situations.

Two that are closely matched in terms of overall performance are the Milano 821 and the MP5. Both weapons are very easy to control and boast extremely high damage outputs, making them the perfect tools for getting up close and personal with the opposition.

With Season 2 in full swing, and with several attachment combinations to choose from, it can be tricky to tell which one of these weapons is better than the other.

In this scenario, which is better? The Milano or the MP5?

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Cold War MP5

Milano 821 vs MP5 Cold War
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Widely considered to be the second-best SMG behind the AK-74u, the MP5 is a popular choice thanks to its incredibly fast rate of fire and minimal levels of recoil, making it lethal in all close-quarters combat.

Despite it receiving a hefty nerf a few weeks after the release of Black Ops Cold War, the SMG is still towards the top in what has become a highly competitive weapon category.

Cold War Milano 821

Milano 821 vs MP5 Cold War
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The slightly slower rate of fire sets the Milano apart from the other SMGs in the category.

The slower fire rate makes the weapon easy to control, and with a high output of damage with minimal drop-off, the Milano is very effective in mid-range engagements.

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Which Is Better?

Determining which of the two is the better SMG is extremely difficult considering the strengths of both weapons.

The Milano thrives in mid-range gunfights but can fall short when up close and personal with an opponent while the superior rate of fire gives the MP5 the edge in close-range combat but its high drop-off makes mid-range duels much trickier.

After several matches using both weapons, I came to the conclusion that the MP5 is the better weapon thanks to its superior close-quarters performance. But, if you’re after an SMG that packs more of a punch at distance, the Milano is certainly a solid choice.

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