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Milano 821 Cold War Loadout: Best Attachments And Setup For Your Class In Season 2

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The Milano 821, formerly known in the beta as the Type 821, is a reliable SMG in Cold War's multiplayer.


Despite not really packing any standout characteristic, that's no reason to discount this weapon.

If you've had the privilege of unlocking the 'Red Room' blueprint from the Rebirth Island Easter Egg, you'll understand why.

This small, but incredibly mighty weapon is one of the stronger SMGs in the category, boasting very strong accuracy when firing from the hip in Season 2.

The Gunsmith is filled with a variety of attachments to improve the performance of the Milano 821, but which are the best?

Milano 821 Cold War Best Loadout

The Milano 821 is a full-auto submachine gun. It has high damage with a slower fire rate, fair recoil and improved handling speeds with more accurate hipfire spread.

Designed in 1983 by Italian manufacturer SOCIMI, the SMG was originally based on the Uzi and was used by the Italian Police.

Like the MP5, the Milano 821 provides a viable alternative to the heavily popular AK74u thanks to its incredibly strong levels of accuracy even at longer ranges.

The rate of fire is slightly slower than the AK74u, but its superior hipfire spread and mobility makes it a popular choice for those wanting to score those high-kill games.

It’s so easy to control that anyone of all styles of play can pick it up and instantly make an impact.

Milano 821 Best Attachments

  • Muzzle Brake 9 (Muzzle) 
  • 9.5" Rifled (Barrel) 
  • Bruiser Grip (Underbarrel)
  • Tactical Stock (Stock)
  • Speed Tape (Handle)

Selecting the right attachments for the Milano 821 is the key to achieving success, and after a bit of experimenting, I opted for these.

The Muzzle Brake reduced recoil to minimal levels while the Bruiser Grip provides additional improvements to mobility when using the SMG. The Tactical Stock and Speed Tape enable you to react instantly to any oncoming threats that are likely to head your way.

Black Ops Cold War Type 821
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Milano 821: Can it rival the AK74u?!

Milano 821 Cold War Class


  • 1911
    • Muzzle Brake .45 APC (Muzzle)
    • 6.53“ Paratrooper (Barrel)
    • Steady Aim Laser (Body)
    • Fast Mag (Magazine)
    • Quickdraw Handle (Handle)

Perhaps the most underrated pistol in Black Ops Cold War, the 1911 pistol can take down an opponent extremely quickly thanks to its semi-automatic fire rate.

If you’ve got a fast trigger finger, this is the perfect weapon to have in your back pocket when Milano 821 runs out of ammo!


  • Frag Grenade

It is hard to go wrong with a frag grenade unless you cook it for too long!

Perfect for use on built-up maps such as Miami, use it clear out the balcony overlooking the open area of the map for a quick kill.


  • Smoke Grenade

While some may select a stun grenade instead of smoke, I find that popping smoke and rushing through it to catch opponents off-guard a very effective way of getting kills without taking too much damage.

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Field Upgrade

  • SAM Turret

By selecting this Field Upgrade, it allows you to run a fully-equipped pistol as a secondary weapon. Place the SAM Turret in an open area to destroy any Scorestreaks in the air, stopping those annoying Spy Planes from uncovering the location of some of your teammates.

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  • Tactical Mask
  • Engineer
  • Scavenger
  • Quartermaster
  • Ghost
  • Ninja

Opting for a perk combination without Flak Jacket is certainly risky but it is extremely easy to get caught out by a Proximity Mine to halt your rampage. Using Engineer allows you to see any enemy equipment through walls, giving you a bit of warning before making your next move.

Scavenger and Quartermaster keep the ammunition and equipment topped up while Ghost and Ninja keep you concealed from any opposition Spy Planes in the air and footstep volume to a minimum.

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  • Perk Greed

The Milano 821 is already a beast with only five attachments equipped. Adding another three was a bit of overkill so I selected Perk Greed to have access to three additional perks.

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