Modern Warfare's MP5 Receives Major Warzone Nerf

Season 5 of Warzone is well underway and developer Raven Software isn't hanging around when it comes to making changes to the popular battle royale. As part of the August 16th patch notes, details on several changes to a range of weapons were revealed, including tweaks to Modern Warfare's MP5 submachine gun, widely considered to be one of the strongest SMGs to use on the streets of Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

Synonymous for its incredible close-quarters performance, the MP5 has been a staple of the Warzone metagame since the game was released back in March 2020. Despite significant changes to the arsenal since Warzone's inception, the SMG has proven to be a hugely popular choice in the loadouts of players.

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Modern Warfare MP5 Warzone Nerf

Modern Warfare MP5 SMG On Black Background
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The biggest alteration made to the MP5 is a reduction in its maximum damage output from 34 to 31, meaning that players will need to use more ammunition due to an increase in time to kill. Alongside a change to damage output, its range of effectiveness has been decreased by over 5%. While it may seem like a relatively minor change, the damage drop-off is much more noticeable, making the MP5 less of a viable option in mid-range combat.

The third and final change to the MP5 is a buff rather than another nerf. The multiplier for upper torso damage has been increased to 1.1 which means that players may notice it's easier to take down a target without aiming for the head.

With these changes now in Warzone, will the MP5 slowly move out of the metagame as players look for more viable alternatives to use when up close and personal with an opponent? We will have to wait and see.

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