Raven Software Updates Warzone Kill Feed To Show Banned Players

Even though Warzone is still in the early stages of Season 5, developer Raven Software is already dishing out a number of changes to the hugely popular battle royale. On August 16th, a small update went live in order to make a range of modifications to several weapons including Modern Warfare's MP5 submachine gun.

Alongside the weapon changes, the update also contained a slight alteration to the kill feed and how it shows when a cheater has fallen victim to the ever-swinging ban hammer over the course of a Warzone match. Prior to the update, the kill feed simply showed a player had disconnected but now, it confirms when a ban has taken place.

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Warzone Bans Shown In Kill Feed

Warzone Kill Feed Showing Banned Player
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The image above shows what now appears in the kill feed when a player has been banned. The new feature is ideal for those that may have encountered a player they suspected of cheating during a match. More often than not, it's almost impossible to tell whether a player has an impeccable aim or is using some kind of cheats to gain an unfair advantage over the opposition.

In recent weeks, Raven Software has implemented another ban wave of 50,000 accounts along with teasing that a dedicated anti-cheat for Warzone, much to the excitement of the community which has grown tired of cheaters ruining the game.

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