Raven Software Nerfs Krampus in Warzone December 22nd Update

Ever since the start of the Festive Fervor event in Season 1 of Warzone Pacific, players were quick to express their frustrations surrounding the presence of Krampus the Christmas devil. The mythical beast has been causing chaos on Caldera, with many unable to defeat the demon during a match.

The unpredictable nature of his attacks combined with the huge amount of health has led to numerous calls for Krampus to be nerfed and after nearly a week of festive action, Raven Software has nerfed the beast, much to the delight of players growing tired of his presence within the battle royale.

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Warzone Krampus Nerf

Warzone Krampus Nerf
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The Warzone developer revealed the changes in a Tweet posted on December 21st. It stated that Krampus' health has been reduced "significantly" across all of Warzone's game modes alongside changes to when the beast will spawn into the action.

Many were quick to praise the fast response of Raven Software after some players thought they may have had to deal with an overpowered Krampus throughout the Christmas period. One player even went as far as requesting the developer to remove the beast altogether but with the Festive Fervor event coming to an end soon, it won't be long before Caldera becomes a Krampus-free island once again.

When Will Krampus Be Removed?

While no official date has been placed on Krampus' departure from Warzone, the Festive Fervor event does end on January 4th, which is the likely date for the Christmas devil to disappear once and for all. The addition of the beast has certainly added a unique twist to Warzone and with this nerf, he should be much easier to deal with if you're unlucky enough to encounter Krampus!

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