How to Kill Krampus in Warzone Pacific

The Festive Fervor event is now live in Warzone, much to the excitement of those wanting to get involved in the festivities when dropping into Caldera. The arrival of Krampus has added a new element to the battle royale, with players now having to avoid the mythical beast and numerous players to score a victory.

Thankfully, Krampus can be eliminated when he comes chasing after you after receiving a lump of coal from underneath the Festive Firs. It will take a while but conquering the beast can be done. In this guide, find out how to kill Krampus as quickly as possible.

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How To Kill Krampus

How To Kill Krampus Warzone
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Krampus will move at a surprisingly fast speed. This combined with the teleportation abilities of the Christmas devil make him a tricky customer to deal with once you have summoned him. With a three-minute timer, there's plenty of time to score the kill, especially when you're playing with a squad. All you need to do is shoot anything and everything at Krampus to kill him, it's as simple as that. Here are a few tips and tricks that will defeat the devil in no time at all.

LMGs Are Your Friend

Thanks to their huge magazines and powerful damage outputs, LMGs in Warzone are the perfect weapons to get the upper hand over the Christmas devil. Spraying a couple of magazines into the target will be more than enough to walk away as the victor and earn the rewards Krampus drops.

Use Open Spaces

It's all too easy to get pinned into a corner in a built-up area so when Krampus comes hunting, move into an open space with minimal cover so you can keep track of his movements and lay down as much damage as possible. The jungle areas are the best place to utilise as the trees provide just enough cover if Krampus deals enough damage.

Warzone Krampus Rewards

It's not mentioned anywhere, but killing Krampus within the time limit does give you plenty of rewards that could turn the tide of the match in your favour. Along with 2000 XP, you can get $10,000 in Cash, and a Munitions Box to resupply all of the ammo used to deal with the devil.

That's how to kill Krampus in Warzone! For more Festive Fervor intel, check out where to find the Festive Fir trees and all of the challenges that can be completed.

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