Warzone Festive Fervor: All Festive Fir Tree Locations

Season 1 of Warzone Pacific may have transported the battle royale to the sunny island of Caldera but the festive season has well and truly arrived, much to the excitement of the community. Alongside the arrival of seasonal challenges and Krampus the Christmas devil, Festive Fir trees have arrived in amongst the tropical foliage on Caldera.

In order to gain access to themed Supply Crates, players must stay in close proximity of the trees for a small period of time. But where exactly are these trees located? In this guide, find all of the Festive Fir locations and some of the rewards that can be earned.

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Warzone Festive Fir Tree Locations

Warzone Festive Fir Tree Locations
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As the blog post confirmed, the trees are marked on the Tac-Map with their very own icon, making them very easy to find when dropping into Caldera. There are a total of six locations where the Firs can be found:

  1. North of Beachhead
  2. Southwest of Mines
  3. North of Airfield
  4. South of Power Plant
  5. Resort
  6. Sub Pen
Warzone Festive Fir Tree Locations
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Warzone Festive Fir Tree Rewards

If you manage to run down the timer, seasonal supply crates and Legendary crates have the chance to spawn around the trees with the possibility to earn some high-tier loot ranging from powerful weapon blueprints, Killstreaks, and more. There's also a high chance of receiving a lump of coal that will summon Krampus to your location so be prepared for a fight!

That's everything you need to know about the locations of the Festive Fir trees in Warzone Pacific. For more intel on the Festive Fervor event, check out all of the challenges available to complete.

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