Warzone Hacker Gets Destroyed by Krampus

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The Festive Fervor Christmas event is well underway in Warzone Pacific and as players continue to drop into Caldera despite numerous bugs and glitches impacting the battle royale, many are beginning to grow tired of Krampus hunting them down. The Christmas devil has certainly made an impact during the event, with many players attempting to take down the mythical beast to complete challenges and to get their hands on some game-changing rewards.

Despite the criticisms, Krampus has proven to be a second line of defence when it comes to cheaters that have managed to bypass the new RICOCHET anti-cheat, much to the delight of the community.

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Krampus Kills Warzone Hacker

Krampus Kills Warzone Hacker
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Since the worldwide rollout of RICOCHET, the number of cheaters running rampant in Warzone has dropped significantly, much to the approval of the community. While one or two appear to slip the net, Krampus is on hand and ready to send them back to the main menu. Reddit user 'TylerMaillet' captured the moment where Krampus killed a player that was clearly using some kind of aim assist.

While attempting to score as many kills as possible thanks to their unfair advantage, the Christmas devil decided enough was enough and sent the cheater packing with a deadly attack cheats couldn't even counter. One commenter described the whole ordeal as "amazing" while others suggested that Activision should program Krampus as a secondary deterrent that only targets hackers.

Will Krampus Get Nerfed?


While his effectiveness against cheaters is certainly beneficial, the Christmas devil is still incredibly difficult to eliminate for those not using any kind of hacks. With many calling its addition to the game as one of the "worst decisions" ever made, there's a chance Raven Software could intervene with some kind of nerf. With the Festive Fervor event coming to a close soon, it's unlikely that the power of Krampus will be disappearing anytime soon.

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