Warzone Players Request Removal of Juggernaut from Rebirth Island

The Juggernaut is a hugely powerful Killstreak from 2019's Modern Warfare and sometimes features within Warzone. After disappearing for a few months, Juggernauts have returned to the battle royale in addition to a reworked Rebirth Island map.

As part of the Season 2 Reloaded update, Raven Software made the decision to bring back Juggernaut Armour Drops, much to the surprise of players. Despite being one of the rarest items in all of Warzone, the return of the Juggernaut hasn't gone down well.

With players unhappy with the armour returning, some have called upon Raven Software to remove it from the game.

Warzone Juggernaut Rebirth Island
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Warzone Juggernaut Rebirth Island

The Juggernaut suit gives players a suit of armour alongside a minigun capable of decimating any oncoming vehicles and players with ease. Reddit user 'bart' shared their frustrations surrounding its return to Warzone, claiming "nobody asked" for the Juggernaut to come back.

The player claims they're "nearly impossible to kill in close quarters," which is the vast majority of Rebirth Island. User 'revilohamster' adds that "adding Juggernauts to Rebirth is completely awful." Despite the appearance of the Juggernaut, players are impressed with the Season 2 Reloaded update that bought some much-needed improvements to the game.

Will Juggernauts Be Removed?

With players clearly unhappy with the return of the Juggernaut, there's a high chance Raven Software will respond and remove it from all Rebirth Reinforced playlists. The addition might be a good idea on the larger map of Caldera but it's fair to say Rebirth Island is far too small.

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