Judge Dredd is Coming to Warzone and Cold War

Judge Dredd is coming to Verdansk. The official Call of Duty Twitter account posted four pictures of the iconic judge's outfit before saying "A new order is about to rise in Verdansk."

Lest there be any confusion that these could somehow be referring to another, nearly identical, judge, the group behind the comics removed any room for doubt.

"Who could it possibly be?" Rebellion tweeted.

What capacity the Judge will act in - whether it's part of a new campaign similar to the 80s heroes one or something else - remains to be seen.

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Judge Dredd is Coming to Warzone and Cold War

What's clear is that Verdansk will continue evolving in some capacity at least up until Vanguard releases in November. Previous rumors pointed to a new map replacing Verdansk that coincided with Vanguard's launch and setting.

Recently, the infamous train crashed in Warzone, heralding the start of Sledgehammer's Vanguard hype campaign ahead of the game's November 5 release and Vanguard open betas later this month.

In July, the state of California sued Activision Blizzard for discrimination and harassment against employees. Numerous allegations emerged soon after from workers corroborating the initial accounts, while evidence of past workplace toxicity and abuse began surfacing online. Employees formed an informal organization and demanded a better response from management, though while some leading figures have departed in the scandal's wake, CEO Bobby Kotick has yet to formally acknowledge any of the allegations - including those from investors - and maintains wrongdoing will be investigated by third party group WilmerHale, a law firm known for anti-union activities.

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