Call of Duty: Vanguard Beta: Everything We Know

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After revealing its first trailer during the Battle of Verdansk Warzone event, the anticipation surrounding Call of Duty: Vanguard's release is slowly beginning to build, much to the excitement of the community that is already beginning to ask several questions such as whether Vanguard will appear on Game Pass and whether it will include a single-player campaign.

Now the alpha has concluded, attention will turn to the beta, where players will get their first taste of Vanguard's multiplayer maps and modes. In this article, find absolutely everything we know about Vanguard's beta, including how to sign up, and the content we expect to appear.


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Latest News

Vanguard Beta Pre-Loading - September 7th

Pre-loads for the Vanguard beta have gone live on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4! For those that have pre-ordered the game, the beta should begin automatically.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Beta Release Date

Call of Duty: Vanguard Beta Information

Once the worldwide multiplayer reveal has taken place on September 7th, the first weekend of the beta begins on September 10th and concludes on September 13th. This particular weekend will be exclusive to PlayStation players that have pre-ordered the game.


The second weekend is the crossplay beta and is open to Xbox and PC players as well as PlayStation. Early access gets underway on September 16th with the beta opening to all platforms from September 18th until September 20th.

How To Sign Up

Signing up for the beta is incredibly straightforward. For those that pre-order the game, you will be able to download it nearer the time but for those still unsure whether to buy Vanguard, there is another way to take part.

Like the previous Call of Duty betas, there will be a number of opportunities to get hold of a beta code. Once you've got a code, a website will launch and will allow you to redeem the code. When redeemed, you will be able to download it and get stuck into the action.

How To Get Early Access

Early access to the beta is for those that pre-order one of the three editions of Vanguard. By pre-ordering, you will get two extra days of gameplay which is ideal for those wanting to experience all that Vanguard has to offer before its full release on November 5th.

Be sure to check back closer to the beta for more information on the maps, modes, and weapons that will be available to use during the beta weekends.



Ahead of the beta, Sledgehammer Games has shed some light on the available weaponry available to use. All weapons can be ranked to level 30 while PlayStation players will receive 2 extra custom loadout slots bringing their total to 12. Here's a complete list of weapons that will be available to use during both weekends:

  • STG 44
  • ITRA Burst
  • BAR
  • NZ-41
  • Volk
  • M1928
  • STEN
  • MP-40
  • Revolving Shotgun
  • Auto-Loading Shotgun
  • MG42
  • DP27
  • BREN
  • M1 Garand
  • 3-Line Rifle
  • Kar98K
  • Machine Pistol
  • RATT
  • 1911
  • M1 Bazooka
  • Panzerschreck
  • FS Fighting Knife

COD Vanguard Beta Equipment

Sledgehammer Games has revealed a full list of lethal and tactical equipment that will be available to use during the beta. Check out the list of grenades that can be used to deal additional damage and disorient opponents!

  • MK2 Frag Grenade
  • Gammon Bomb
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Demolition Charge
  • Thermite
  • Throwing Knife
  • M18 Smoke Grenade
  • No 69 Stun Grenade
  • MK V Gas
  • Stim
  • S-Mine 44


  • Intel - 3 Kills - Reveals nearby enemies using repeated pings of the minimap.
  • Care Package - 4 Kills - Drops care package containing random Killstreak.
  • Spy Plane - 4 Kills - Reveals all enemies on the minimap for allies.
  • Counter Spy Plane - 4 Kills - Obscures the minimap for enemies.
  • Glide Bomb - 5 Kills - Drops a guided bomb onto a specific location.
  • DeathMachine - 5 Kills - Equips machine gun with explosive rounds and set number of bullets.
  • Mortar Barrage - 5 Kills - Flare canister marks location for a barrage of mortar fire.
  • War Machine - 7 Kills - Equips grenade launcher.
  • Flamenaut -9 Kills - Equips flamethrower with unlimited fuel and protective suit.
  • Attack Dogs - 10 Kills - Summons pack of attack dogs that target enemies.


Perk 1

  • Ghost - Undetectable while moving by Spy Planes, Intel, and Field Mics
  • Fortified - Reduces damage and health regeneration delay from explosives. Reduction increased while mounted, prone, or crouched.
  • Low Profile - Immunity to effects of Piercing Vision Perk.
  • Survival Training - Maximised resistance to stun effects and immunity to gas.

Perk 2

  • High Alert - Vision pulses when enemy outside of vision sees you.
  • Radar - Enemies appear on minimap when firing an unsuppressed weapon.
  • Forward Intel - Indicates enemy reinforcements on minimap. Minimap shows a larger area.
  • Tracker - Enemies leave behind visible trail of footprints.

Perk 3

  • Demolition - Extra lethal on spawn. Shows the intended path of a lethal.
  • Double Time - Doubles length of Tactical Sprint and increases crouch movement speed by 30%.
  • Tactician - Restocks tactical equipment every 30 seconds.
  • Overkill - Carry two primary weapons

Field Upgrades

  • Supply Box - Deploys box of ammunition and equipment for you and your teammates.
  • Armor Plate - Equip body armour.
  • Goliath - Small remote-control bomb on tracks. Controllable for 30 seconds and can be detonated early.
  • Field Mic - Reveals nearby enemy footsteps
  • Dead Silence - Temporarily silences footsteps. Kills with guns, melee, and throwing knives refresh its duration.


Over the course of both beta weekends, there will be a total of four multiplayer maps to play alongside Champion Hill. Here are the names of each map:

  • Hotel Royal
  • Gavutu
  • Red Star
  • Eagle's Nest (Weekend 2)

Game Modes

Here's a full list of available game modes that will be appearing across the beta weekends:

  • Champion Hill - Solos, Duos, Trios
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Domination
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Patrol (Arriving on Saturday in weekend 1)
  • Search & Destroy (Weekend 2


One of the many features that will be available in the Vanguard beta is Combat Pacing. This feature enables players to select the "intensity" of their matches. Here's a full breakdown of each setting:

  • Tactical - Traditional 6v6 action.
  • Assault - Balanced combat pacing that gives you enough room to breathe and a lot of targets to kill. In Beta Weekend 1, player counts will vary between 20-28 players.
  • Blitz - High-action lobbies where the intensity is cranked up to frenetic levels. Prepare for plenty of combat when choosing to join a Blitz. In Beta Weekend 1, player counts will vary between 28-48 players.


There will be six Operators to select throughout both beta weekends. Here's a full list of playable characters:

  • Daniel Take Yatsu
  • Roland Zeimet
  • Lucas Riggs
  • Polina Petrova
  • Wade Jackson
  • Arthur Kingsley