Is The XM4 Good In Warzone?

The XM4 assault rifle, the grandfather of the M4A1, was added to the Warzone arsenal at the beginning of Season One as part of the integration of Black Ops Cold War.

Thanks to its incredible versatility, the rifle has become a hit on multiplayer and one of the more popular weapons to use in Warzone.

In Season 2, there are a variety of viable weapons in the Warzone arsenal that can be used to achieve victory.

Is the XM4 one of those weapons?

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XM4 In Warzone

Is The XM4 Good In Warzone
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Armed with an incredibly fast rate of fire, consistent damage output, and deadly accuracy in mid-range engagements, the XM4 isn’t always one of the top weapons to select as part of a loadout despite its strong features.

At close and mid-range, the supreme fire rate gives you the ability to outgun SMGs in the heat of battle but at longer distances, the XM4 frequently falls short thanks to high recoil caused by the fire rate and the huge damage drop-off.

With a seemingly limitless number of attachment combinations to counter the shortcomings of the XM4, the drop-off can be improved slightly but in comparison to other weapons such as the CR-56 AMAX and the Kilo 141, the rifle doesn’t even come close when it comes to versatility and overall performance during a match.

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Is It Good?

As players frantically attempt to grab whatever weapon they can get their hands on in the early stages of the game, the XM4 is more than capable of taking out opponents that are clearly carrying underperforming weaponry. Other than that, there are far better assault rifles to be using in Warzone.

For certain close-quarters and mid-range scenarios, the XM4 certainly has its place in the ever-evolving Warzone metagame.

After several games using the rifle, its flaws often outweigh its strengths, leaving many players switching to a weapon that can perform better in long-range battles and that are much easier to control.

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