Is The AK-47 Good In Warzone?

The AK-47 assault rifle is a staple of the Call of Duty franchise, and since the integration of Black Ops Cold War weaponry into Warzone, there are two iterations of the Russian rifle that can be used.

Whether it’s Black Ops Cold War’s or Modern Warfare’s AK-47, both weapons feature immensely high damage outputs alongside recoil levels that are often difficult to control.

In Season 2, there are numerous weapons that can contend and even surpass the capabilities of both AK-47 variations.

With two AKs to choose from, are they any good?

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AK-47 Black Ops Cold War In Warzone

Is The AK47 Good In Warzone
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Armed with strong damage output in close and mid-range engagements, the AK-47 from Black Ops Cold War is a solid choice for those that love to get aggressive during a match.

The lack of drop-off in mid-range combat makes it very easy to destroy armour and down opponents but at longer distances, the drop-off is significant, rendering the rifle almost useless in comparison to other rifles that excel in long-range duels.

Alongside a lack of performance at long-range, Black Ops Cold War’s AK-47 also falls short with its immensely high levels of recoil which make it very difficult to control.

Even with the optimum set of attachments equipped, the recoil is noticeable, causing a distinct loss of accuracy when firing for a continuous period of time.

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AK-47 Modern Warfare In Warzone

Is The AK47 Good In Warzone
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Just like the Black Ops Cold War AK, Modern Warfare’s version features many of the same characteristics that see it excel in mid-range gunfights.

In contrast to the other AK, Modern Warfare’s is much easier to handle when unleashing a barrage of fire, providing just enough recoil that kicks up the weapon to the head of the target, allowing you to score kills relatively quickly.

In comparison to other assault rifles in the category, the Modern Warfare AK falls short in mobility, making it difficult to traverse the map on foot quickly, and easy for an opponent to send you the gulag.

Is It Good?

The short answer is no.

There are many weapons that are superior to both AK-47s in Warzone, including the CR-56 AMAX, M4A1 and the ever-reliable Kilo 141.

While the AK does deal plenty of damage in a few areas, its lack of versatility and mobility sees players discarding the rifle for a rifle that performs well in all scenarios.

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