The Best AK-47 Warzone Blueprints

The AK-47 assault rifle is a staple of the Call of Duty franchise, and since the integration of Black Ops Cold War weaponry into Warzone, there are two iterations of the Russian rifle that can be used.

Whether it’s Black Ops Cold War’s or Modern Warfare’s AK-47, both weapons feature immensely high damage outputs alongside recoil levels that are often difficult to control.

In Season 2, there are a wide variety of blueprints on offer for both versions of the rifle.

But which AK-47 blueprints are the best?

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Best AK-47 Warzone Blueprints


Best AK47 Warzone Blueprints
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This Legendary blueprint for Modern Warfare’s AK-47 provides players with plenty of additional mobility thanks to the inclusion of the No Stock attachment. The monolithic suppressor provides a slight increase in damage range, making it a viable weapon to be used in mid-range combat.

As for its design, the blueprint’s sleek red base coat combined with yellow stars and a grizzly bear emblazoned makes this particular blueprint one of the most unique offerings on Warzone.

To unlock the blueprint, complete the Necessary Bulwarks Special Ops mission on Modern Warfare.

Mach Diamond

AK74 Best Blueprints Warzone
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Having a large magazine on a weapon is often the key tactic to remain in the fight for as long as possible.

The Mach Diamond blueprint from Modern Warfare comes with a 75-round magazine alongside a huge barrel to provide increases in damage and range.

With a solid attachment combination, this blueprint also comes with a simplistic purple finish that contrasts well with the black parts of the gun.

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Eastern Wall

AK47 Warzone Best Blueprints
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This AK-47 blueprint from Black Ops Cold War is arguably one of the best for Warzone.

With just three attachments equipped, there’s plenty of room for customisation which is ideal when looking to get the advantage over the opposition.

The graffiti that covers the main body of the rifle looks incredible, with small flecks of orange and green breaking up the predominantly purple patterns.

To get your hands on this particular blueprint, purchase the Tagger bundle from the in-game store.

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