The Best XM4 Warzone Blueprints

The XM4 assault rifle, the grandfather of the M4A1, was added to the Warzone arsenal at the beginning of Season One as part of the integration of Black Ops Cold War.

Thanks to its incredible versatility, the rifle has become a hit on multiplayer and one of the more popular weapons to use in Warzone.

With Season 2 in full swing, there are a wide variety of XM4 blueprints that are available to unlock or purchase.

But which blueprints are the very best?!

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Best XM4 Warzone Blueprints

Glacial Mass

Best XM4 Warzone Blueprints
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This Legendary blueprint for the XM4 made its debut in the Season 1 Battle Pass.

Armed with a combination of attachments that improves mobility, speed, and overall firepower, this particular blueprint is more than capable of racking up a few kills when in the hands of a capable user.

Alongside a strong set of attachments, the blueprint also features a crisp pale blue finish, tying in with its ice-cold theme.

To unlock the blueprint, players had to reach Tier 89 of the Season 1 Battle Pass, but with Season 2 in full swing, it’s unclear whether there are any other ways to get your hands on this particular blueprint.


XM4 Warzone Blueprint
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Featuring a contrasting pink and blue colour combination, the Souvenir blueprint fully embraces the neon glow of 1980s Miami.

Equipped with three attachments that increase ammo capacity and improve recoil levels, there is some room for improvement with two additional attachment slots available to use.

To unlock the blueprint, purchase the Miami Nights bundle from the in-game store.

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Best XM4 Warzone Blueprints
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The third and final blueprint provides a compact version of the XM4, complete with five attachments that all add improvements to accuracy and mobility.

With such significant improvements, this blueprint excels in close and mid-range combat against weapons many may consider as superior.

The dark green finish on the body of the rifle also has its advantages. With several dark areas dotted around Verdansk and Rebirth Island, it can be very easy to blend in with the surrounding environment, adding a further element of stealth.

The blueprint can be obtained from the Brute Force bundle which is available to buy from the in-game store.

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