Raven Software Confirms Sniper Rifle Buff In Warzone Iron Trials

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As part of Warzone's September 16th update, Raven Software has introduced a brand-new game mode named Iron Trials '84. The mode is a more challenging twist on the standard battle royale mode, featuring no Dead Silence, no Stopping Power Rounds, and an increase in the cost of the coveted Loadout Drop. As well as changing some core mechanics, the developer has also confirmed that it has made changes to the performance of sniper rifles.

To add to the challenge, the snipers have been issued with a significant buff in a bid to make them more useful in one of the most competitive modes to ever feature in Warzone.


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Warzone Iron Trials Sniper Buff

Warzone Sniper Rifle Buff Iron Trials

One Reddit user published a post giving Iron Trials their seal of approval but amongst the praise, they suggested that some snipers may have received a nerfed. Raven Software was quick to respond, stating that some rifles now dealt "300 damage" from over 30 metres away to compensate for the additional health players possess.


Confirmation of the changes led to several players sharing their thoughts. Some players supported it considering the health increase but some have also claimed that 300 headshot damage is a step too far, suggesting that a chance to 250 would have been more sensible. Either way, the addition of Iron Trials to Warzone has proven to be extremely popular, leading some members of the community to make the mode a permanent fixture as part of a fully-fledged ranked playlist.

Warzone Ranked Playlist Release Date

According to some rumours, a ranked playlist for Warzone could be arriving when Call of Duty: Vanguard is integrated into the game on November 23rd. Alongside a new map set in the Pacific and a dedicated anti-cheat, the release of a ranked playlist for Warzone would lay the foundations for the Vanguard era of Warzone to cater for all aspects of the community.