Warzone Graphics Bug Turns Gulag Invisible

Invisibility and Warzone are two things that appear to go hand in hand despite the best efforts of Raven Software attempting to ensure everything remains visible leading into the start of Season 2.

Throughout the history of the battle royale, various parts of the game have suddenly disappeared including Operator Skins, vanishing buildings, and disappearing guns.

The most recent, and perhaps most significant, part of Warzone to disappear is the Gulag, making it impossible for players to win their 1v1 battle and get back into Caldera.

Warzone Pacific Invisible Gulag
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Warzone Pacific Invisible Gulag

According to several console players, Caldera's last-chance arena isn't loading in, much to their confusion. To highlight the issue, Reddit user 'RoyalMannequin' uploaded a screenshot showing a clear blue sky where the Gulag is meant to be.

Rather than the central building and red minecarts showing either side, the only objects that remained were the bodies of those that failed to win their battle. While some players may resort to a full reinstall to fix it, there is a workaround to restore the Gulag to its former glory.

How To Fix Warzone Invisible Gulag Bug

The only way to fix this unusual graphical bug is by deleting some unnecessary files from Warzone. Here's how to do it:

  1. Highlight the Warzone game tile.
  2. Press 'Start' and head to Manage Add-Ons.
  3. Scroll to 'Reserved Space' used for Modern Warfare.
  4. Delete the file.

This should make the Gulag reappear but if it doesn't, it's probably worth waiting for Raven Software to apply fixes.

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