How To Unlock The Marshal In Warzone And Black Ops Cold War

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The beginning of Season 5 for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War is right around the corner and after weeks of speculation, the hype surrounding its launch is slowly beginning to build. The latest post-launch season is the penultimate in the Black Ops Cold War cycle, meaning that the ongoing battle between Stitch and Adler is moving towards its conclusion.

As with any launch of a new Call of Duty season, a huge amount of new content is arriving across both titles, including new Operators, new Warzone Perks, and so much more including a range of brand-new weapons. One weapon that stands out from the others is the powerful Marshal pistol. Here's how to unlock it in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.


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Marshal Pistol Warzone

Marshal Pistol Hanging On Wall

Described as a "break action pistol," the Marshal is a pistol-shotgun hybrid featuring a double-barrel and the ability to fire a deadly 12-gauge shell, making it incredibly strong when up close and personal with the opposition. Its addition to Warzone could well spark a change to the meta as players constantly look for the very best weapons to use in close-quarters scenarios.


How To Unlock Marshal


To unlock the Marshal for use in Verdansk and Rebirth Island, players must complete a relatively straightforward challenge.

  • Using Pistols, get a Headshot kill in 15 complete matches.

Rather than dropping into the regular BR playlists, we recommend utilising the Rebirth and Plunder playlists as they will allow you to respawn into the action. This will give you more of an opportunity to score that single headshot over the course of a match.

The Marshal blueprint is available in the in-game store, and it seemingly comes with Dragon Breath - at least for now. Marshal disappeared from Warzone shortly after it was made available, so there could be a few glitches with the gun at this point.

Black Ops Cold War

Just like Warzone, it's likely players will need to complete some in-game challenges.


Black Ops Cold War Marshal Unlock - Cold War Multiplayer/Warzone

  • Using Pistols, get a Headshot kill in 15 different completed matches.

Black Ops Cold War Marshal Unlock - Cold War Zombies

  • Using Pistols, kill 30 Disciples while they have at least 5 Zombies under their control.